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You need to buy an iron and you do not know which one to choose or where to look. Then this guide is just what you need. In it you will find, in a summarized and timely manner, everything you need to know about the best steam irons on the market.

It does not matter if you are an expert housewife or if you have never ironed a day in your life, the steam iron will do the job of eliminating wrinkles and leaving impeccable clothes much simpler and more pleasant. But how?

Easy, when you turn on the iron and put it on your clothes, it heats up to a certain temperature; the heat and water vapor act to unwind the fibers (threads) of the fabric achieving the desired appearance.

Now, What characteristics do the best steam irons have in common?

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The power

The more power, the better ironing. The best steam irons have power levels that are around 3000 watts, this is a plus that should always be taken into account when you are looking for the most effective steam iron, although it is not the only thing. Good steam irons manage to remove the deepest wrinkles, even from very thick fabrics.

That said, there are two basic models: The first is the pressurized steam iron, which offers more power. And the second, the non-pressurized steam iron. Of these two, the first is the most common and employs high levels of pressure to force steam out towards the folds of clothing.

Anti-drip system

Many models have incorporated an anti-drip system into their design, in order to avoid water stains on clothes. Generally, these drips occur when the capacity of the water tank is exceeded, it being preferable to fill the tank a few milliliters below the maximum marked level.

High performance

Thanks to the water tank with a capacity of up to 1 liter, you can iron for much longer without stopping and refilling the container with water. In addition, some models have the function of vertical ironing, essential for straightening curtains and clothes in the vertical position.

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Comfort and control

Ironing is an activity that can take you hours, so choose the model with a handle (handle) that adapts well to your hand, not too heavy or large, that is easy to transport and store. Additionally, the plates with manual levers and sensors allow you greater control over the regulation of the temperature and the vapor pressure.


The design of the sole is fundamental to determine how good the iron is, some have a few large holes, while the best steam irons have hundreds of small holes and a thin tip. Usually, these are considered superior and are made of stainless steel, ceramic, and even platinum.


The steam irons are a little larger than the traditional models, so it is recommended to use on a stable and completely flat surface. Some include a support system or positioning (grip) that allows you to fix the base to the table or any surface when it is at rest or off.

When you go shopping, assess each model/product individually based on the characteristics described above and the price. Your choice will depend not only on the brand but also on your ability to pay, if you do not want to spend a lot the Philips offers excellent products at a reasonable price.

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Now that we have talked about the virtues of steam iron, what should you do to keep your machine in top condition?

The maintenance of any type of iron is quite simple and very important to prolong its useful life.

After use, turn it off and disconnect the plug from the outlet. Wait for it to cool to empty the excess (water) of the tank, holding the iron tilted and down.

To clean the sole use two cloths, one moistened with the soapy solution and one dry.

When finished, store the iron in a safe place upright.

Are the filters cleaned?

It is essential to periodically maintain the filter to prevent dirt and limes from accumulating inside and damaging the motor.


  1. With the iron off, fill the reservoir to the top of the water.
  2. Connect the power cord to the wall and heat until it reaches the maximum temperature.
  3. Unplug again and press the self-cleaning button (if you have this feature included). On a laundry place the iron and shake gently while all the liquid comes out of the steam outlet holes.
  4. Clean the sole again and store it in its place.

Safety measures integrated into the steam irons

To protect consumers, companies have incorporated into their products a set of control and protection mechanisms that significantly reduce the risks associated with the use of these devices. Here we mention some of them.

  • The anti-drip system
    When the temperature of the iron falls below a threshold, the system is activated by blocking the exit of boiling water through the holes.
  • Hitch-up function
    The hitch-hitch sensor automatically shuts off the iron when it is at rest. This is very useful, especially for those forgetful people who tend to leave the equipment on. The stop time varies according to the position or point of support for the iron and can vary between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes.
  • Protectors
    Some models include the cover/silicone rubber and Velcro, resistant to temperatures below 120 degrees Fahrenheit when the iron is disconnected and cooling at its base.
  • Anti-lifting system
    The sensor is activated when you release the handle of the iron. When activated, small “feet” or handles appear automatically and lift the iron from the surface.

The system is inactivated by grasping the handle again and the device returns to its normal position.

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What other qualities present the best steam iron on the market?

At the beginning of this guide we mentioned some essential features in the best steam iron, remember which ones are and add other design that is particularly useful for the handling and quality of ironing.

  • The power generated is directly proportional to the number of watts. The higher the power, the more performance, and effectiveness.
  • The shape and material of the sole. With the advances in technology and with the increase in the demand for better and more accessible products, the manufacturers of plates have devised slippery soles, anti-stick and highly resistant to the scratches.
  • Programmable. Many irons offer you a set of ironing options (programs), depending on the type of garment or fabric. You just have to choose the right temperature and pressure settings by pressing a button to start working.
  • The blow of steam, perfect to eliminate the rebellious wrinkles of the clothes. The steam level is controlled by pressing the button at the top as many times as necessary.
  • Vertical steam and variable steam. Not all models include these two functions. The first is used on garments, upholstery, curtains and any material in the vertical position that needs a touch-up. While in the second one works a steam pressure adjustment mechanism according to the temperature and the type of fabric or fabric.
  • Temperature control, in some models you can clearly monitor the temperature on the LED display of the handle or handle.
  • Automated maintenance system comprising anti-scale and deep cleaning systems. They act by removing waste and protecting the iron from use and time.
  • The special spray Mist Spray, perfect for a soft and even spraying and moistening of the entire fabric.
  • The water container allows you to store a variable amount of liquids (water). For smaller and lighter equipment, the storage capacity is much lower and logically its power level is also lower.
  • Auto-off system. As a safety measure, its effectiveness varies considerably from one model to another. In some devices, it may take up to 30 minutes to activate, which increases the risk of an accident.
  • The electric power supply cable. On average, the cable length is about three meters. Although some companies have chosen to develop completely wireless equipment whose battery located in the base is recharged in a short time and the waiting time is regular or moderate.
  • Weight. It is very common for people to prefer heavier equipment because they feel that they are better at eliminating wrinkles and folds of clothing. A suitable weight, easy to handle is about 3kgs, however, this varies in relation to the capacity and total volume of the device.

The general idea is that the more expensive the product, the higher its quality. At the moment of purchasing, it considers points such as power, safety sensors, self-cleaning tools, materials, design, performance, durability, guarantee policies, needs for use and ability to pay. With the information provided, buying the best steam iron will be easier.

Now that we have a general idea of ​​what elements we should look for in the best steam iron, we have compiled a small list with some models of the most recognized brands worldwide.

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